The US Powerball is a lottery game that has become synonymous with multi-million dollar jackpots from around the world. First launched in 1992, the US Powerball lottery has gone on the mint more than 1,000 millionaires and also holds the jackpot record for biggest ever lottery payout; a $1.5 billion which was split between three ticket holders. The biggest ever US Powerball jackpot won by a single ticket holder was a $758 million jackpot won in August 2017.

The US Powerball draw is held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays and the draw itself has taken place in various locations around the United States since its inception. The Powerball draw is also broadcast on television in the United States. US Powerball winners can collect their prizes in a monthly payment or in a single lump sum payment, but only if they win the jackpot. Most other lower tier Powerball prizes are paid out in a single lump sum. Most US Powerball winners have opted for the lump sum option, even though it inevitably means they will collect less winnings due to taxation. The taxation of Powerball winnings, and any lottery winnings as a matter of fact, is down to the tax laws in the individual territories.

The Powerball lottery uses a five ball and a single Powerball number ball draw format, and the number range itself has changed a few times to reach the 0 - 69 number range that is currently being used. The additional Powerball number has a number range from 0 - 26. For an additional fee players can activate the Power Play option which will multiply the lower tier prizes by between 5 - 10 times depending on the size of the jackpot.

In each new US Powerball draw the lucky numbers are chosen at random using two different ball machines; one containing the main white balls and the other with the red Powerball balls. Five white balls are picked from the first machine, and a single red Powerball is chosen from the second. The machines used to draw the US Powerball lottery numbers are manufactured by an independent company with no affiliations to any US lottery provider or any other real-money competitions of chance. The lotto balls are set in motion by a turntable located beneath each machine. The machine selects individual lotto balls by slowing down the turntable, which then catches a ball and sends it up a hollow shaft and down a rail to display.

The US Powerball has multiple prize tiers which each pay out their own amounts based on how many lucky numbers the player matches. These prizes range from a few dollars for matching one or two lucky numbers, all the way up to the multi-million jackpots that the US Powerball is so well-known for. And now players from around the world get to play for Powerball jackpots thanks to the magic of online lottery. Online lottery ticketing agents will buy Powerball tickets online on your behalf, use your own lucky numbers and pay out any Powerball prizes to your online profile. Always be sure to only use accredited online elotto agents with a good reputation. 

The US Powerball jackpot will rollover until it is won, and then after the jackpot is claimed it will start from $40 million, which is the starting US Powerball jackpot. The minimum rollover for every Powerball jackpot amount is $10 million, but it is possible that this amount can be higher.

The US Powerball results are always made available to the public shortly after the official Powerball draw has taken place, and the results have been confirmed. You can check your US Powerball results online through this website. You may also access historic US Powerball results online through the search feature which will let you input the date that you wish to view the Powerball results for.

You can also claim your US Powerball prizes online. The online lottery service will send you an email informing you of your Powerball win, and your winnings will be credited to your online profile. If you want to withdraw your Powerball winnings you will be required to request your US Powerball winnings withdrawal from the online lottery agent. When playing the US Powerball online you will be playing for the official Powerball prizes as advertised. When playing the Powerball online you will have a choice of playing for draws up to weeks in advance.

Some notable US Powerball winners include a $580 million Powerball jackpot in May 2013, which at the time was the biggest jackpot ever won. The winner opted for the cash option paid out $370 million.

In March 2019 a single ticket holder bagged a $768 million Powerball jackpot, the third largest ever jackpot in US history. The winner opted for a cash payout.

One of the most famous US Powerball winnings ever was when there 110 second tier prizewinners, of which the total payout was $19.4 million. Of these winners, 89 of them claimed $100,000 and 21 players claimed $500,000 after using the Power Play option.

After initially suspecting fraud, Powerball officials launched an investigation which uncovered that all the players had used lucky numbers that had been printed on fortune cookies manufactured by a single company.

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